How To Perfect Your Prom Look

The high school celebration that everyone is so pumped about. After four long years of studies, drama, joy, heartbreaks and every single teenage trip, this is the time for you to shine and give your best to all. The most worrisome thing that bothers every girl is the perfect dress and the perfect look. Everyone wants to be a prom princess. Even guys want to look good in their perfect tuxes and suits. Fortunately, for all the high schoolers who are looking forward for the prom, we got some great ways that you can ace the prom look.


The most important thing people will notice is your outfit. It has to match your skin tone, fit you perfectly, be unique and most of all be something that you love. The greatest prom nightmare would be a ruined dress. We frequently hear stories on how the outfits went wrong, especially when people tend to order it online. What they receive is not what they expected. Even off-the-rack outfits are not so pretty. After all, the sizes are based on average numbers to suit all sizes. And that will not fit you perfectly. The best way to avoid this disaster is to get the outfit custom made. It will fit you perfectly and you will be able to select the color and design you love. In addition, your outfit will be under the hands of professionals. So get your tailor Bangkok or from a nearby location, give your measurements, design and every other detail and get the outfit you have always dreamt of.

Accessories tailor Bangkok

With your Bangkok suit or dress custom made for you, you can go to the next step, the accessories. For a guy it would be the shoes and cufflinks. But for a girl it will go far beyond that. The most important thing to remember is to keep it simple. Don’t overdo the look that will only overshadow your dress and yourself. Also, make sure you find something convenient to wear. You don’t want to suffer from bruised feet throughout the whole event.

Make up

Finally the touch of makeup. Again, don’t put tons and tons of makeup. After all, we should be comfortable in our own skin. You can do the makeover by yourself or get a professional to do the job. Either way, search the internet for some ideas. That way the one who does the makeover will know what you have in mind. You can even search for some great tutorials if you planning to finish the look by yourself.

With these tips at hand, you don’t have to stress about the whole prom look.